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Our Carpet's Deserve a Break!

But let's be reasonable.  You're going to neglect your carpet because you don't want to pay the price.  You know, the time it takes to rent the "professional" equipment, buy all the shampoo and cleaners, add the attachments, lug it home, move the furniture, and set up an appointment with your chiropractor after a long day of doing the work yourself. Or the price of hiring a carpet cleaning contractor who seemingly offers you an extraordinary price, only to slap on hidden fees!

Our carpet's deserve a little TLC and our pocketbooks deserve a break!

We provide deep-down carpet cleaning at a reasonable cost.  No surprises.  No hidden fees that show up on your bill.  Just a job well-done at a straight forward rate.


 Our carpets usually get a lot of action, but minimal attention.  Sure...we try to keep them vacuumed.  But what about the stuff our vacuums CAN'T reach?  The stuff that's trapped in the very fiber of our carpet's being?!!  You know it's there. It's the stuff the kids deposit daily.  And the stuff the cat dragged in.  It comes from our beautiful feet bearing the remains of a long work day.
"It's time to love your carpet again!

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